Our Story!!!

We are family of five, living in a small European country Lithuania. My husband and I are so proud of our three little sons - the biggest treasure of ours.

When our eldest son was born we started thinking about the ways of getting additional income. We wanted to do some activity which would be interesting and bringing much pleasure to us.

In our house we have many tools of my husband's grandmother, which were used to proccess linen flax and make linen yarn. Then linen yarn was used to weave fabric for clothes, towels, bedding.

Pure linen items have always been valued as they are durable and antibacterial. They dry quickly and are very absorbent. Linen flax has more good qualities and that is why it is called ''north gold'' in our country. Clothes, bedding, table linen, etc. made of linen flax have been becoming more and more popular nowadays.

So, it was a clue for us in choosing activity and starting our small business. We decided to make home textile of linen flax. We bought sewing machine, linen fabric and made several items, then took photoes, which were rather primitive and put them in our Etsy Shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/MyDearLinen />
The beginning was not very successful, but we were doing our best, analyzing shop statistics and traffic, improving our assortment, adding new items, taking new photos, etc. We can't say that our shop is ''ideal'', but we are working to make it better all the time.

Etsy shop has become the first step in creating something which is made by us and belongs to us - our small family business. Now we have our private shop
https://www.mydearlinencom which is connected with Etsy as well.

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