We spend a lot of money on bath preparation products, including bathroom towels. If you’ve never thought of buying linen towels to dry off after a shower or bath, I recommend you to try. There are some reasons why you will love them so much.


Linen towels are even more absorbent than cotton, and they dry much faster. This means you can reuse them quite a few times before you need to wash them as they won’t develop a musty smell. So, they are a better option to bring to the beach or the pool. They dry quickly and will be more comfortable to use after your second swim. This quality is due to linen fabric being more breathable.


 Don’t be surprised if your linen towels feel softer and more luxurious after each laundering. So while cotton may seem like the cheaper alternative, you may find yourself replacing cotton towels more often than linen. Linen towels are a preferred choice in many parts of Europe thanks to their durability. 


Linen towels are naturally lighter than cotton ones, which is why they may be your go-to choice when you take them to the beach, pool, gym, or on trips. They take up less space and will keep your bag lighter.This also means storing them will create more extra space for other items versus folded cotton towels, which tend to be thick and bulky.


Linen towels are eco-friendly. Linen manufacturing produces very little waste as every part of the flax is used. I love them because they are considered to be ORGANIC. It is what we need nowadays, to be closer to NATURE!!!