Sheer linen curtains allow diffused light into a room while still providing privacy. Linen, made from the flax plant, provides a durable choice for otherwise delicate sheers because even the thin fabric can withstand daily wear. Linen sheers require minimal care except for periodic cleaning. 

 Place the linen curtains in the washing machine and turn the controls to delicate or hand wash. Pour oxygen-based bleach into the machine if washing white curtains, following the package directions. Regular bleach will yellow the fabric. Add a mild detergent to the washer, following the package directions and run the washer with warm water for the complete cycle.

Promptly remove the curtains after the wash cycle has finished. Hang the curtains to dry, smoothing wrinkles from the fabric. Hang white curtains in a sunny location to preserve their bright color. Remove the curtains from the dry line and re-hang when they are slightly damp.

Iron if needed, following the label directions for the proper heat temperature.

Sheer Linen Curtains