With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and several family birthdays, there is a lot to plan and a lot of gifts to wrap. We try to stick to experiences instead of stuff as much as possible, especially with our own kids, but also usually give one physical gift per family member.


 I know it seems early, but I try to get my shopping done now so that I can savor and enjoy the holidays while knowing gifts are already wrapped.


This holiday gift guide is a compilation of the best gifts we’ve ever received and the ones that are favorites to give. All these gifts are eco-friendly as they are made of natural linen flax. So, they are natural, organic, and health-promoting.

Gifts for Mom/Dad:


This blanket is made of softened linen and is perfect as for summer so for winter. Organic throw blanket is breathable and it is not cold in hot days and hot in summer nights. Love it so much. 

We know that our mothers are crazy about cooking, so linen tea toels of natural flax will become a perfect gift for any mom.


Gifts for brothers/sisters:

Grain Sack linen is so trendy nowadays, I think your sisters/brothers will love something what will make their home more cozy. linen cushion covers is a great choice. 


Organic linen towels will never be extra. We need them so much and more is better.


Gifts for kids:

Toys and candies are so love for kids, but they are not so usefull. It is a real challenge to find a nice gift for your own kid. Linen bedding is a great choice. My children have it and love it so much.


Gifts for friends:

Table decorating begins more and more important nowadays. We don't want just eat, we want to eat in a nice beautiful atmosphere. Linen table runners and napkins, tablecloths and placemats are being used  so often nowadays and not only for holidays but casually.